Best Hypo Allergenic Non Toxic Pillow for women's sleep health

  • 3 min read

Creating the best and cleanest sleeping pillow was Ladies Pillow’s goal.

When we started to think about the pillow we wanted to create, the first thing that came to mind was our health and safety. That being said it greatly narrowed the types of material we would be willing to use. 

I started to design my pillow from the inside out

Staring with our pillow core:

After doing extensive research and testing different options and when I mean test...I slept on over 15 different pillows and nothing came close to my unique propriety fill that I perfected. The most common pillows on the market are...

Solid memory foam, let’s talk about health here for a second...memory foam is known to off gas, knowing that…it wasn’t an option. Not only does it off gas but it also bottoms out. 

Shredded memory foam, this is similar to solid foam it’s also known to off gas, when it’s shredded, it has sharp points and edges that can cause pressure points

Alternative down fiber puffs, unlike memory foam, it does not off gas but since this material has so much crimp, it balls and causes the pillow to have an uneven surface, it does not allow your head to sink, giving you that soft feel you're looking for

Down, a luxurious choice, when we hear the word “down" we think luxury but is it really? First of all, it’s a feather from a bird, this feather must be properly sanitized to be safe to sleep on, is it really sanitized properly? I'd rather be safe and say no to that. But let’s not stop there, I can’t argue that the first initial feel of laying your head on a down pillow is unworldly but once your head settles in, your head sinks, causes your pillow to bottom out on the mattress, feathers are flat with no structure.

Saving the best for last...Ladies Pillow fill. Yes, it’s amazing, it feels like down without the bottoming out effect like down. We sourced an ultra fine hypoallergenic denier fiber with the proper crimping to allow a down feel yet providing lift to give the support we all lack, it’s been described by clients that it’s like sleeping on a cloud. 

Cover components
Ok Ladies, as woman, I’m sure you’ve heard of Tencel. Yes, ladies Pillow fabric utilizes Tencel but it not just any Tencel. It’s Micro Tencel this exclusive fabric can only be produced with very fine yarns that are normally used in expensive lingerie. It has nearly four times the number of stitches per square meter; as traditional ticking the result of this yarn produces an ultra soft and silky feel. 

This fabric is a clear winner! As woman we love soft fabric that is supple, this fabric inhibits bacteria growth, it’s machine washable and it's thermo regulating. 

What about my cover design? I wanted a design a fabric that further cools during sleep, so I went with a multidirectional pattern to allow even more thermo regulation. 

Lets talk gusset! Unlike traditional pillows that take far less time to manufacture, we put in the work and created a gusseted design, it’s a difference you can feel.

Traditional pillows with a high point in the pillow create a slope, not allowing your neck to achieve proper alignment. A gusseted design allows the fill to sit evenly and more flat across the surface giving you proper alignment 

Last but not least our signature ladies pillow label, it’s beautiful and elegant- giving you confidence and the best sleep of your life.