Best Women Sleeping Pillow for Side, Back and Stomach Sleepers

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Women need a pillow designed specially for them. On average a ladies width in her shoulders are narrower and our heads are lighter, than our male counter part. That’s why we designed Ladies Pillow. Our pillow is designed by a woman for women. Our pillow uses high-grade materials that promote a cloud-like feel while offering premium support. (Your husband will be jealous!)

Prior to the designing of Ladies pillow, many clients talked to us about the nightmare they had searching for the perfect pillow. Many of us Ladies know the story all too well. Trying countless pillows spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to find that pillow that is just right for us. We deserve better sleep, I committed to my clients and created a brand that us Ladies will love and be proud to sleep on.

Many pillows on the market have great marketing but do they deliver? From shredded memory foam pillows, that are full of toxins, sharp edges and that off gas, they just aren’t healthy, especially for our children at home. I refused to use down, the process that geese go through is usually inhumane, and goose feathers are full of spores, bacteria and often time cause allergies. The simple approach with designing key factors into a pillow that keeps us in mind was the secret.

Ladies Pillow was designed with 3 key factors:

Tencel fabric & Multi directional fabric:

Lenzing Micro Tencel is spun from fibers made from FSC (Forest stewardship Council) certified Eucalyptus wood pulp which is processed in a “closed loop” system recognized by the European Union as safe and sustainabke. Fabrics made with this blend are durable, soft, silky and provide functionalities not present in other cellulose fibers. Mirco Tenecel naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria and offers improves transfer performance. The evaporation of perspiration draws off the excess of the body heat, thus keeping you cool. The removal of perspiration will also give a higher level of personal comfort. The micro-denier of the fibers allows for more fibers in the yarn to cross-section which enhances the performance of yard and fabric regarding strength, softness, drape, pilling and sheen.

Special Features

  • “cool to the touch” effect
  • Soft and silky
  • Excellent moisture management
  • Free from chemicals
  • Inherent- does not wash out

Tencel fabric gives you a silk-like feel and is cooler than cotton, tencel is made by the same yarn that is commonly used in expensive lingerie or apparel fabrics. This results in a mattress fabric with an ultra-soft and silky feel. Ladies Pillow fabric also has a micro pattern to increase airflow.

Custom gusseted design:

The gusseted design allows our unique fill to be evenly distributed throughout the pillow. This allows you to have a pillow that gives you the option to sleep in any sleep position. This also eliminates the high point of traditional pillows.

Hypoallergenic ultra-fine denier fill:

Ladies pillow fill is safe to sleep on, it’s a soft cloud-like feel, yet it’s supportive.

With the 3 design characteristics incorporated into Ladies Pillow, Ladies Pillow pretty much takes the cake on one of the best pillow designed for women. The sleeping pillow is also perfectly designed for all sleep positions from side, back and stomach sleepers.

As women one of our main concerns is also cleanliness and safety. This leads us to the next pillow design that all women would appreciate.

A 100% washable pillow. Yes, Ladies Pillow is washable. When sleeping night after night on a pillow our pillow can become a heaven for bacteria growth. This is why we designed Ladies Pillow to be washable.