Best Pregnancy Body Pillow

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Pregnant or not a body pillow is better sleep. Ladies Body pillow was specifically designed for women. Unlike many traditional body pillows that are round in design, our pillow allows you to achieve better alignment, due to many characteristics of the body pillow. This pillow was designed by women for women.

When searching for the best body pillow while pregnant or not. It’s hard to know what is right; there are many options of pillows and different types of fill.

Ladies Body pillow was designed with safety and usability. We deiced to do away with anything that could possibly be unhealthy for you and or baby. Fist off, shredded foam is non-existent. In our pillow, due to possibility of off gassing- we just wanted to make sure your sleep environment is as safe as possible. Our body pillow uses high-grade materials that truly make you feel like your hugging a cloud. This pillow will let you melt into your happiest of dreams.

Ladies Body Pillow is versatile

When pregnant we often search and search for that perfect position to elevate aches and pains and any discomforts we may encounter. This is why our body pillow is the best. It’s so adaptable; it will help you in any position you end up in. From simply hugging it, to using it as a backrest, using it under your legs or even as a long sleeping pillow that you can share with your partner.

Ladies body Pillow was designed with 3 key factors:

 Tencel fabric & Multi directional fabric:

 Special Features

  • “Cool to the touch” effect
  • Soft and silky
  • Excellent moisture management
  • Free from chemicals
  • Inherent- does not wash out

Tencel fabric gives you a silky-like feel and is cooler than cotton; tencel is made by the same yarn that is commonly used in expensive lingerie or apparel fabrics. This results in a fabric with an ultra-soft and silky feel. Ladies Pillow fabric also has a micro pattern to increase airflow.

Custom gusseted design:

The most important feature of this pillow by far. The designing allows the body pillow to be more flat. A traditional body pillow will cause your top leg to be to high and not in proper alignment. Also the gusseted design allows our unique fill to be evenly distributed throughout the pillow.

Hypoallergenic ultra-fine denier fill:

Ladies pillow fill is safe to sleep on, it’s a soft cloud-like feel, yet it’s supportive. It’s hypoallergenic and 100% machine washable.